Careers Month Panel Discussion

Date posted: September 15, 2021 | 11:00 am
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Day: 29th September

Time: 1pm

Join us for an interactive careers panel with three top tech speakers. The event will cover how to move from individual contributor to manager. Lightening talk topics will cover: managing data teams, getting the best out of your data teams, and stepping into or out of management roles.

Lightning talk 1:
Niclas Thomas, Gousto
Functional Management in a Cross-Functional World

Cross-functional delivery offers a great way to build data products, but makes the management of a functional discipline more difficult. In this talk, I’ll focus on how to get the best out of a data science team as a functional leader, when your data scientists are embedded in cross-functional squads.

Lightning talk 2:
Katie Johnson, MVF
Why management isn’t for everyone

After a year of leading a Data & Analytics function, I decided to leave management and become a Data Scientist again. In this talk, I’ll share the reasons behind my decision, and three questions every Data Scientist should ask themselves before stepping into management.

Lightning talk 3:
Tim Park, AO
Learning to Let Go

When moving into a team lead role one of the biggest surprises for me was how quickly I lost the time to be hands on with technical work. In this talk, I’ll give a short version of how I came to terms with this by reassessing my priorities and realising that Data Scientists aren’t that different from toddlers.

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