Navigating the transition from Colleague to Manager

21 March 2024 | 1:00 pm
Hosted by, David Loughlan

Join us for a one hour expert panel Navigating the transition from Colleague to Manager

This event will be hosted by David Loughlan, founder of Data Idols.

In this session, we will put a spotlight on the essential leadership skills within Transitioning from Colleague to Manager. Covering topics such as team leadership, performance management and conflict resolution. This event features panellists who have successfully navigated this journey, and will explore key aspects of this adjustment through first hand experiences.

This will be held online, on Zoom, and is FREE to attend.

Our Panellists;

Noa Urbach

Shachar Meir

David Loughlan 


During this panel, we will dive deeper into…

  • Challenges when transitioning from colleague to manager
  • Establishing credibility and trust as a new manager
  • Handling communication challenges as a manager
  • Fostering a positive team culture
  • Adapting to organisational changes as a team leader
  • Effective delegation and avoiding burnout
  • Addressing and preventing conflicts
  • Promoting a culture of continuous learning and embracing mistakes


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