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…On the State of Data

Data Idols are partnering with the Data Science Festival to ask about the State of Data according to you.


The world is different to how it was in January 2020, and with that has come a change in how we work, where we work and how teams are hired.

By having your say, you’ll help us shape the future of data by shining a light on opportunities for companies to improve and attract more diverse individuals, as well as helping to shape your personal career.

What areas will you be covering?

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Exploring how we can improve Diversity, Equality and Inclusion by seeing where we’re at now and where we need to be.

Your personal and professional career development

Helping to develop your career in the way that suits you best

How your work has changed in the last 2 years & our predictions for the future

Whilst we can’t predict the future, we can try! Covid has had such an impact on how we work and where we work, we will help to understand what repercussions this has for your future career.


Hiring for your team

Investigating how remote working has changed hiring for your team, as well as exploring the best way to hire for your team in the current climate.




We’ll ask you to have your say by providing us with anonymous insights which we will collate and analyse.



Towards the end of this year, we will provide you with The State of Data 2022/2023 report which will be freely available to view and download.



We cannot focus on improving the Data industry without you! In order to analyse the insights anonymously and support you going into 2023, we please ask you to spare just 10 minutes to fill in our State of Data Survey.

Have your say on the State of Data 2022/23

Let us know your thoughts!

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