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About us

We know there’s this idea that recruiters are sharks. But we’re delighted to say that at Data Idols, there’s not a tail, fin or sharp set of teeth in sight! In fact, we’re on a mission to change our industry and make sure people are put first. Recruitment is at the core of our business and so is doing the right thing – that is something we never compromise on.

Our principles

Founded by a DBA, technical knowledge is at the heart of all we do.

We advocate fostering an environment where ideas are shared openly and tested regularly.

We promote learning and actively support the sharing of knowledge via meetups, workshops, panels, webinars and hackathons.

Transparency. It sounds simple right? Open, honest, ethical communication. It’s sad we’ve had to write this down.

Trusted by leading brands

  • Mars
  • N Brown Group
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Why choose us?

There are a few key reasons


We lead the data science community

Five years ago, we founded the Data Science Festival, a global data community that has grown to over 30,000 members. By fostering the sharing of knowledge, inspiration and ideas through free events, we’ve built an awesome network of data talent and data-driven brands that you can plug straight into.


We’re specialists not generalists

Data is our niche and our pool of candidates and clients is very specific. That means instead of sending ten mediocre applicants, we send one fantastic one who meets your requirements and is the right cultural fit. Likewise, we won’t be spamming our candidates with roles they’re not interested in with salaries below their pay grade.


We’re delivery focused

For more than a decade, we’ve been delivering speed and quality for clients and candidates alike. For our ambitious data-driven clients, we deliver the right people at the right time. For data analysts, data engineers or data scientists, we deliver the right role in the right company with the right compensation package.


We offer value beyond recruitment

Our core business is to find the right people for the right job but our success is driven by a deeper understanding of your goals. From consultancy through to training and events, we offer value beyond recruitment, helping to shape, plan and guide your data team(s).


We believe in quality, trust and honesty

There’s quite a negative perception of recruiters in our industry and we get it -we’ve experienced it – and we’re on a mission to change it. It’s why we’re here. We’re really proud of what we’ve built here at Data Idols. Our entire approach is centred around quality, trust and honesty.


We’re a nice bunch

Quite pleased to say that we’re lovely to work with. At least that is what we’ve been told. However, being nice doesn’t mean that we’re not the best at what we do. We’re passionate and knowledgeable and we’ve got the expertise you need to drive value, success and growth. We will use our in-depth sector knowledge and expansive data community to provide an efficient, targeted specialist data recruitment experience.

Our people

Kickass data teams aren’t built by algorithms.

They’re built by people. People who understand the challenges you’re facing and are passionate about what they do. Those people are right here at Data Idols.


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