The Data Idols Report On Data Trends

What is the Data Idols Report on Data Trends?

Here at Data Idols, we’re passionate about keeping our fingers on the pulse of the ever-evolving data landscape. That’s why we’ve launched our Data Trends Panel – a community of hiring professionals in the Data space, dedicated to tracking and analysing trends in hiring, salary, skills, diversity, and flexible working practices across the industry.


How does the Data Trends Panel work?


1. Apply

Submit your application to become a panellist here.

You must be:

A talent leader that hires for Data professionals. This includes hiring managers, talent acquisition, HR, Directors and Founders.


2. Participate

Once accepted, you’ll receive a monthly survey straight to your inbox that takes just 3 minutes to complete.


3. Receive Insights

In return for your valuable input, you’ll receive a monthly report based on the aggregated and anonymous results of the panel.

How to Apply

Ready to join the Data Trends Panel and make your voice heard in the data community? Fill out our quick application form to get started!

Why Join Us?


As a panellist, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the conversation around key topics impacting the data industry. Your insights will directly contribute to our monthly reports, providing valuable information to organisations, professionals, and decision-makers within the field.


Stay Informed

By joining the Panel, you will gain access to timely and relevant insights into the latest trends shaping the data industry. Whether it’s staying updated on hiring practices, salary trends, required skills, diversity initiatives, or flexible working arrangements, you will be at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring you remain informed and well-prepared to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of data.


Influence Industry Change

Participation in the panel empowers you to contribute to meaningful research that drives positive change within the data industry. By sharing your experiences, perspectives, and opinions through monthly surveys, you directly influence the direction of industry discussions and initiatives. Whether it’s advocating for greater diversity and inclusion or championing best practices in talent acquisition, you have the opportunity to shape the future of the data industry.


Access Exclusive Insights

As a reward for your participation, you will receive exclusive access to monthly reports based on the aggregated findings of the panel. These reports provide valuable insights, analysis, and recommendations derived from the collective input of industry experts and professionals. From benchmarking salary expectations to identifying emerging skill trends, you gain actionable intelligence that can inform strategic decision-making and drive organisational success.



Join us in shaping the future of the data industry – one insight at a time

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