Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

June 20, 2024 | 2:00 pm
Event, Hosted by David Loughlan

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    A talk with Tom Oxley.

    Every employer can support any employee on mental health. That’s Tom’s mission for the workplace. And he’s been doing it for a decade.

    In this talk, Tom will delve into the stats and the stories about mental health at work. We will cover:

    – What the data tells us workplaces need to do?

    – What are the boundaries and benefits for employers?

    – Why we need to listen to the human experiences to inform well-being…

    It’s strong stuff and we will talk about mental health, addiction, suicide and baboon poo.

    Spoiler alert: broccoli smoothies don’t cure burnout – but there is much we can do in the workplace to get it right. And there are moral, legal and performance reasons to do so.

    Please be advised that the upcoming one-hour expert talk on “Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace” will address sensitive topics, including mental health challenges, addiction, and suicide. The discussion will include statistical data and personal stories that may be triggering for some individuals. We aim to create a supportive and informative environment, but please take care of your mental well-being and step away if you feel uncomfortable at any point.

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