These are a few of our favourite things…

Date posted: June 29, 2022 | 10:59 am

…. about the Data Science Festival Mainstage Day 2022

The most looked forward to day of the year for everyone at Data Idols and the Data Science Festival, the Mainstage Day brings together our DSF community for a day of sharing of knowledge.

There are so many things about the Festival we enjoy, but here are some of our favourite things from this year…

‘The insane buzz about the place ?

…Being in the same place as 600 people with similar interests and passions, all interact with one another. The pandemic has taken so much out of daily life, and in person collaboration has taken the full brunt of it, so to be able to be part of a community that brings everyone back together again feels very special.

Rosie – Senior Sourcing Consultant at Data Idols

‘Raising the bar ?️

…Every single talk this year was technical and current, with each speaker being a mix of every type of background from industry to seniority. This high level of talks and speakers really was the best we have ever had. It’s going to be a hard year to beat!

Jess – Community Director at the Data Science Festival

‘Building new relationships ?

…it was my first Data Science Festival, and I hope the first of many! Starting out my Recruitment career with Data Idols, the DSF was a great day to really start my grounding in Data, build relationships and listen to some world-class talks.

Justin – Junior Sourcing Consultant at Data Idols

‘Smiling faces ?’

…The positivity surrounding this years Festival has been incredible. Every year gets better and better, but to see the shares and likes on LinkedIn post-event, with fantastic comments surrounding the organisation and the variety of talks makes all of the hard work worthwhile.

Adam – Managing Consultant at Data Idols

‘Festival Vibes only?

…The atmosphere at the DSF is seriously one to beat. With 600 of you actively choosing to brave 30 degree heat in London and on a Saturday, we know we have a dedicated community! We appreciate you all and it’s what makes it so special.

Lizzie – Junior Events Coordinator at the Data Science Festival

‘The queue for the ladies ?

…Let me explain! It is so rare that women, and all those who identify as so, have to queue for the toilets at a data-focused tech event. Whilst it’s not great on my bladder, to see so many passionate, driven and enthusiastic women attending an event where they can learn so much and collaborate with their peers really does show how the data space is becoming increasingly inclusive. Here’s to bigger queues for the ladies!

Charlotte – Operations Manager at Data Idols

‘Good vibes all round ?

…Assisting individuals to start their careers in data has always got me so excited. Seeing and talking to people throughout the day who are embarking on their data careers and watching how much they soak up the whole day always puts a smile on my face.

Courtney – Senior Sourcing Consultant at Data Idols

‘What does sponsorship mean to you❓’

…Chatting to every sponsor that attended. Sponsorship is so important for our events, it’s how we keep it free for each individual to attend. It’s great to understand why our sponsors choose to sponsor our events and see what they all have to offer our attendees. Percy pig anyone?

Philly – Junior Events Coordinator at the Data Science Festival

‘Connection and reconnection ⚡’

…6 Mainstage Days later and it’s so great to see people coming back year on year. Every year I’m able to connect with old friends that have been made through the DSF, and to forge new friendships with individuals who share similar passions.

David – Founder at Data Idols and the Data Science Festival

Want to know more? Here are some other people’s favourite things…

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