Data Idols Bolsters Deliveroo Data Teams

Founded in 2013, Deliveroo has fast become a name that we all know. They work with some of the biggest restaurants in the UK along with a variety of smaller and independent restaurants to deliver us our takeaways and change the way we eat!

engaged individuals attended diversity event

Data Science Festival events to date

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Tech is very much at the heart of Deliveroo. They run on a powerful algorithm that is based on powerful predictive technology. They also use Machine Learning which has cut delivery time by 20%. All of this has contributed to their revenue growth of over 650% year on year. 

In 2017, Deliveroo announced they were to hire 300 tech jobs in the UK – a huge task for a 4-year-old business!

These hires were across all areas of tech including data to help build and improve their state-of-the-art algorithms. The hires were also across all levels and included temporary and permanent opportunities. 


The solution

The Data Science Festival initially partnered with Deliveroo in 2018. As part of Data Idols, they help companies to hire alongside their roadmap by offering events to improve tech branding and networking.

Deliveroo began working with the Data Science Festival to showcase their data projects and data offerings to help them hire the right people for their data teams. They worked with our Data Science Festival Director and the wider team to put on events that are tailored towards where they are at in their journey. Such as this talk with Michael Todd who discusses how Machine Learning and AI have transformed Deliveroo. 

To further assist Deliveroo as their teams have grown, Data Idols has also supported them with hiring in the data space. They have worked with Deliveroo to fully understand their hiring needs and provide them with market expertise surrounding hiring, salaries, interview processes and much more! Each opportunity has been worked by the Data Idols team quickly and with their engaged network to provide high-quality candidates.


Data Idols’ expertise around the data space is exceptional, but more importantly, they act as a partner to our business and have such a fun team who approach their work with personality and professionalism!

Shane Ahmed
Recruiting Manager, Deliveroo

The results

Attracted 250 diverse attendees

Through the Data Science Festival, Data Idols have supported the Deliveroo team across a variety of initiatives and periods of hiring. We have also supported Deliveroo to run a diversity initiative, which included running an event in Deliveroo’s office and attracting 250 diverse, engaged, and passionate attendees.

Involved in 10 Data Science Festival events

To date, Deliveroo has been involved in 10 Data Science Festival events including panels, workshops and festivals. The festival gives them a platform to showcase some of the most complex business problems they solve using scientific methods. Holding the events at their HQ and online has helped them communicate the value of data science to the data science community, to meet with talented and exciting data people and assisted in the growth of their product teams.

Bolstered their data teams

In tandem with holding events for Deliveroo, Data Idols supported Deliveroo with hiring and providing contract resource during periods of particularly rapid growth. We have a huge network of candidates who are passionate and engaged. Data Idols also supported Deliveroo with market knowledge: data hiring, salary benchmarking and event/brand advisory to support them in meeting with the right candidates.

The feedback

We first started working with Data Idols in an events capacity as they were able to provide a platform (Data Science Festival) to showcase some of the most complex business problems we solve using scientific methods. They did all the hard work for us, giving us time to really focus on engaging content and diversity initiatives. Working with Data Idols to hold these events at our HQ and online really helped us communicate our value of data science to the data science community, meet with talented & exciting data people and assist in growing out our product teams. Each event has been a great success and we are looking forward to getting involved in more events at this years Data Science Festival.  

In tandem with holding events for us, Data Idols have supported us when hiring, providing contract resource during periods or particularly rapid growth. They have a huge network of candidates who are passionate and engaged. Data Idols always provide us with their market knowledge, data hiring, salary benchmarking and event/brand advisory which supports us in meeting with the right candidates.

At Deliveroo, we have really enjoyed working with Data Idols. Their expertise around the data space is exceptional, but more importantly, they act as a partner to our business and have such a fun team who approach their work with personality and professionalism!”

Shane Ahmed, Recruiting Manager, Deliveroo


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